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  • 1: Vison

    Goal setting has traditionally been about 3-5 year plans - with meticulous planning of every minute detail. However, the global business builder knows this doesn't work. In fact, this very type of planning and goal setting is one of the key reasons many small-to-medium sized businesses fail to survive longer than 3-5 years.

    Magic Beans uncovers the truth behind true giant sized goal setting.

  • 2: Belief

    Some books, such as Success, tell you it's all about positive thinking - nope! However, it definately is about having your thinking in the right place - focused on the right things and believing in what is truly possible.

    Magic Beans Shows you how to get from where you are today to being able to build global passive income generating machines.

  • 3: Blueprint

    You would never attempt to build a house without some sort of blueprint - so why would you try and build a business without a blueprint?

    This course gives you a blueprint for a successful business to enable you to put the right planning in place at every stage of its growth—and easily raise whatever capital you may need. From this blueprint you can self-diagnose your own business too see where you are doing well, and where you need help. This understanding will even enable you to immediately tell if another's business is worth investing in or still in its infancy.

  • 4: Target

    The key to any good marketing is knowing who your target audience is. This is called your Target Market. Once you know how to identify them, you need to know how to communicate with them.

    In this session we discover your target market and learn the foundational keys to good target marketing.

  • 5: Perception

    So much is taught about marketing, yet it is suprising to still find that most businesses do not have an understanding of the fundamentals. More than this, it seems even those with a degree in marketing lack an understanding of 'real world' marketing - or more precisely, they get confused with the many different 'foundational concepts' that they are taught. One says, marketing is about needs and the other says it is about belief - so, which one is right?

    So many times we see business owners and trained marketeers pay lip service to the fundamentals and their promotional material - even their entire strategy - completely misses the point. So in this course we will cover off what marketing really is all about and how to apply it in the real world.

  • 6: Brand

    Branding is one of the big topics in marketing, yet one of the least understood. People mostly have no idea what the origins of branding are and what it really means from a practical standpoint for a business.

    We take a look at where branding came from, what it is and how it relates to the simplest, yet most common parts of your marketing collateral. This foundational understanding will get your thinking right for building a powerful brand - or when you hire a branding professional.

  • 7: Automate

    The first step in turning your company from a small business into a truly large business is understanding and knowing how to use various types of business automation techniques and tools.

    Even for a small business to be successful, you need to adopt one or more of these systems to become profitable and to enable you to exit your business with a bundle of money in the bank.

  • 8: Cashflow

    Cashflow planning is vital to running a profitable business. At the very least it enables you to understanding your fixed and variable costs to determine if you are making or losing money. However, if you are seeking an investor for your business, it is indispensable.

    Magic Beans uncovers the truth behind proper cashflow planning.

  • 9: Systems

    Are your current systems—or lack of quality systems—costing you thousands of dollars every month and holding your business back from growing or being truly competitive?

    This session focuses on exactly what your current systems are and what they could be in this modern mobile, internet centric, computerised world.

  • 10: Dominate

    When you are ready, we give you some of the most powerful tools in the world for effecting change and growing a business.

    Only the truely powerful understand the material we teach in this session. It is ground breaking and brings together everything we have been teaching you to date.

  • 11: Ownership

    When deciding how far you want your company to go—its ultimate dream ending—you must consider public or private ownership of your business. In this session we try answer some of the questions client have asked us over many years and give you the information you need to perfect your planning.

  • 12: Control

    Since Rockefeller said it, there has been a lot written and talked about related to the phrase ‘Own nothing, control everything’. Essentially this phrase relates to tax avoidance and asset protection. However, in the new very transparent digital age, it doesn’t quite have the same meaning. Yet, there are very important lessons and ideas we need to understand related to this phrase when growing a large company—or planning our future goals.

Now available in 3 super cost-effective packages.

  • Live One-On-One Tailored Program
    The Magic Beans Success Program fully tailored to your needs. You get quality one-on-one time with Terrence Bull as he takes you through all 12 sessions.

  • Magic Beans – The Untold Story
    The full Magic Beans Success Program written in a fun and easy-to-read narrative style. Where the wealthy wise old man teaches Jack the 12 magic beans of business success.

  • Magic Beans Video Course
    For those who prefer to learn via a video course, here is the full Magic Beans success program's 12 sessions all via video.




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