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The Full Magic Beans Success Program with Twelve Tailored Live One-On-One Sessions from as little as $16.50 per Person, per Session.

This course is critical to getting you and your key staff up-to-speed quickly if you are thinking of:

  • starting a new business
  • buying an exisiting business
  • expanding your current operation
  • looking for solutions to problems (be they staff, suppliers, product or service delivery problems; financial issues or maybe you need marketing, branding and growth related solutions)
  • creating and implimenting a robust exit strategy

It gives you the fundamentals of building and managing a robust and reliable business of any size - one that can generate a strong and growing passive income. It also enables you to understand business in a powerful way that makes you able to determine a good from a bad business investment.

The full Magic Beans success program includes twelve personalised face-to-face sessions via Zoom video. At the end of each session you will get access to the generic video and text overview of that session for future reference.

We recommend that all of your senior management (or your partner) attends each session. We have tailored the options to suit businesses of any size - choose the option that best suits your needs.

The course is broken down into 4 Sections each comprising 3 Sessions. You can buy them seperatly or together and stretch them out according to your budget - i.e. start by doing just 1 section (3 one hour sessions) a month.

Choose the options that best suits your business:










Up to 2 people

Up to 10 people

Up to 30 people






(Includes: 3 live one-on-one, approx.1 hour long, tailored Zoom video sessions)




per Session

from $82.50 

from $24.50

from $16.50

Total Program Cost
All 12 Sessions




Generic Session Videos

Generic Session Text

Tailored to suit your needs

1 Free copy of
Magic Beans - The Untold Story

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•   GST not included in price.

•   Payment required via credit card at the beginning of each section.

•   GST not included in price.

•   Payment required via credit card at the beginning of each section.

•   GST not included in price.

•   Payment required via credit card at the beginning of each section.

Program Sections

Section 1: Foundation Sessions: Vision, Belief, Blueprint

Section 2: Marketing Sessions: Target, Perception, Brand

Section 3: Systems Sessions: Automate, Cashflow, Systems

Section 4: Structure Sessions: Dominate, Ownership, Control

For more information about the sessions go here: Sessions



Contact Details:

T: +64-6-876 9201
E: magicbeanscourse@gmail.com












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