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Our founder, Terrence Bull, has over 35 years in Marketing and Business Consulting. Having had the privilege of working with, and being mentored by, New Zealand’s leading advertising, marketing and business consultants, he has become a global thought leader who has built global companies and helped others do the same. He has taught thousands of business leaders all over the world how to grow their business and dominate their market.

Having been approached by business owners after the lockdowns of COVID-19 we expanded our services to reach a wider range of businesses.

We call it Magic Beans.

Thus, Magic Beans was born. The Magic Beans program is just 12 sessions, lasting around 1 hour each, each session building on the others. In these sessions we reteach the fundamentals of business, and, in the process, turn our client’s thinking and beliefs around – understanding that our own conformation bias (i.e. how we all selectively choose facts that agree with our current beliefs) keep us from seeing the truth – a simple and obvious truth that had been staring us in the face all along.

We bring together the thinking and teaching of all the great business educators and thought leaders and show them how to apply those tools to their business today.

It is so exciting to see them, through the course of the program, getting all of the epiphanies and starting to implement this change of thinking into their business.

What is also great is that since our beliefs inform and drive all of our decision making, then no matter what our client’s do, or where they go in the future, they will be empowered to make the right decisions – be it in business, their career or in any investment.

Making Magic Beans Accessible

Since founding the business in July 2020, we have worked tirelessly to make the Magic Beans program more accessible to every business. 

To make it available to businesses in other countries and time zones, we started by reaching out to some of our clients and connections in other countries that had been exposed to some of this teaching over the years. They were excited to go through the Magic Beans program and become Licensed Magic Beans Coaches so that they could more effectively help their own clients. So far Magic Beans is offered in five countries and we are looking to expand our network of licenced coaches as the material is translated into other languages.

Our founder, and the primary author of the Magic Beans program, Terrence Bull, has also written Magic Beans–The Untold Story: a narrative style book where the very wealthy and successful wise old man teaches young Jack the twelve magic beans. This will be launched in New Zealand August 16th 2021 and then, shortly after, published worldwide.

Also available is a video version of the program that has live group Q&A sessions weekly for those participating in the course. While not being as tailored to their business as the full live one-on-one sessions, it certainly enables people to have access to the Magic Beans program at a lower entry point.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want further information on how you can access the Magic Beans program today and what options may best suit you.

Our Core Team

Terrence Bull, Founderhas over 35 years in Marketing and Business Consulting. He is a global thought leader who has built global companies and helped others do the same. He has taught thousands of business leaders all over the world how to grow their business and dominate their market.

Dr. Monte D. Nighswonger, LA&S, MPS, DC, Coaches Network Manager, our first North American Licensed Magic Beans Coach, has built two successful clinics – a Chiropractic clinic and a Veterinary practice. His experience and enthusiasm for helping people, combined with his deep knowledge of business systems and structures, is already enabling Magic Beans to rapidly expand its global network of coaches and partners.

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